Health One

Technology is always changing and it is no different in the medical world.
General Practitioners in our area have recently embraced  the concept of electronically sharing patient records under  HealthOne . This is a shared care record view which stores health information including GP records, prescribed medications, test results and hospital and nursing summaries.
It is a secure record and is only accessed by authorised clinicians. Important health information is collated and shared with appropriate health providers in an effort to provide better care. For example, during an emergency, this information may be accessed and provide important information to the clinician including medications, previous history and medical events. More informed decisions can be made about a patient’s care within an expedient timeframe. A common question from patients is whether or not their records are safe or being accessed by people who are not authorised. My understanding is that HealthOne is subject to a comprehensive security regime. It is also subject to auditing to ensure only those who are entitled to access the information are doing so.
Health professionals are only permitted to view the patient’s information if that patient is currently under their care. Patients are entitled to opt off HealthOne and any or all information which is provided.
HealthOne is run by Pegasus Health Ltd, Orion Health and Canterbury DHB on behalf of healthcare professionals. A governance group representing clinicians, community services, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Southern and Wets Coast DHBs and the Consumer Council operates to ensure that Health One is used for its intended purpose. HealthOne provides a single record and  means that health professionals can be drawn together in an integrated system that is centred around the patient.
Interestingly, the concept of shared care records came about after the Christchurch earthquake on the 22nd February 2011. Patients were not always being seen by their usual clinician. Some patient records could not be located due to damaged buildings and infrastructure. There was a need to have timely and accurate information at the point of care. As a health professional, having more information at your fingertips assists with making the right decision for a patient.
From my perspective, so far in the first week of use, I have been able to access blood results ordered by specialists, and also view upcoming patient appointments at Dunedin Hospital. I have been impressed with its speed, and believe this will be a helpful aid to patients, hospital doctors and GP’s alike.
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